I had planned this shot several weeks before the day.  Using an app I worked out that the sun would be setting right behind the Drinking Dragon rock formation, which is off the coast of the Calf of Man.  On the left hand side of the shot is Chicken Rock lighthouse.  Nikon D850, 1/8000sec exposure, f9, ISO160.  Developed in Lightroom.

Now that Autumn has arrived I grabbed my camera and headed down to my favourite glen, Ballaglass.  The colours are absolutely awesome at the moment with shades of green, orange and yellow in abundance.  This is my favourite shot from the visit, I have used the branches of the tree to frame the shot of the waterfall. Nikon D850, 2 sec exposure, f22, ISO200. Developed in Lightroom.

I was stood in the return lane during the Superbike TT 2014 when I heard some cheering from further up the road.  I headed up to see what the noise was and spotted these young lads trying to get high 5's as the riders were coming back in after the race.  They were so happy when Paul Shoesmith obliged and put his hand out.  This is what is unique about the Isle of Man TT, you can get so close to your heroes, you can literally reach out and touch them!    

This is Michael Dunlop aiming for a patch of tarmac about a metre to the left of me. I am shooting over the top of a crash barrier around a traffic light signal. Michael is travelling at over 160mph, taking the line that just misses the crash barrier covered traffic light in the shot. It has to be one of the scariest places I have ever photographed from. I have prefocused this shot because even with a fast shutter speed and a fast lens, it's virtually impossible to track focus this shot. Nikon D810, Nikon 200mm f2 lens, 1/4000sec, f7.1, ISO500. Developed in Lightroom.

For this shot I was lying prone on a hillside in freezing February temperatures.  Looking over Baldwin Valley towards the south of the Island the scene is made even more spectacular with the low setting sun giving the hillside a warm glow.  Nikon D810, 1/250sec, f6.3, ISO100, 28mm.  Processed in Lightroom.

I am luck enough to live on the Isle of Man, it's a great place for landscape photography.  This picture is of Milner's Tower which is situated on Bradda Head in the south of the Island.  As I was driving down to take this picture I almost turned around as there was cloud cover.  Luckily I didn't, as the sun came out just before golden hour, bathing the tower in warm light.  Nikon D850, 1/250sec, f7.1, ISO400, 35mm.  Processed in Lightroom.

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